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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How Are You Excited, Worried, Or Angry About Obama?

What are you excited, worried, or angry about Obama being our new president? Be detailed about any positive or negative changes. I'll start off...

I'm very excited that the war in Iraq may come to and end, but I'm worried what may happen if we do leave, not so much that "terrorists" will be knocking on our door, but about the civil war brewing within Iraq itself. It would be nice if we could leave peacefully, but I know that's asking for too much.

I'm very excited to see the other options we may see with our healthcare. Will it be too little or too much? I don't know, but we'll see. If I can receive similar benefits paying into Medicare as I do my current provider at cheaper costs, you'll see me switching! I'm getting tired of my current insurance raising my costs every year, my co-pays getting higher, and my benefits keep going down. It's getting to the point I can't hardly afford it any longer.

I'm very excited to see how our tax system may change to be more fair, but I'd much rather just switch to the fair tax system (a straight percentage for everyone), if we're sticking to an income tax system. However, I'd much rather prefer to remove the IRS altogether, remove income taxes, and simply raise and rely-upon a sales tax system, but I went into detail about that in a previous blog.

So, I'd like to invite anyone to post their opinions on here as well!!!


Julie.Hovis said...

I'm proud and worried and excited and baffled.

I'm proud that we have elected a president who is a minority. Our history is full of racism and this is one step away from it. Most people in little ol' Lincoln County are brutally honest in their racism. Not as much as those in WV are (oh my GOD o.O!), but enough to make me really sad when I hear the comments. I just can't get over hearing that we are now turning our white house into a "black house". WTF? It makes me wish sometimes that the baby boomers would just fall over dead already. I know that's super bad of me, but damn.

I'm super happy that we now have a president who is so grounded. It's been a long while since we've had a president who came from the working class. Someone who started where WE are now. He's bound to understand our hardships in a way that most politicians can not. I've kinda felt like Democrats in the past have tended to think of us as a charity case. I'll take what I can get, but it's a bit frustrating knowing that they don't have a flippin' clue.

I am a bit worried about the way some of the bigots will behave. I try to keep my mouth shut for the most part, but I really don't wanna have to get into trouble because some closed minded racist fool starts spouting shit at me. These people tend to feel so strongly with no real reason to back it up. It totally baffles the shit out of me. It makes me loose a little bit of hope and it outrages me in a quiet and deep way.

All in all though, I'm excited and wait eagerly for "change", lol. I hope that Obama focuses on the really important problems in the USA. The problems that are so complicated that our previous presidents have simply looked away from them.

I want out of this war, I want the economy stable, I want more jobs in America, I want a more effective education system, I want healthcare for all (at least MOST), I want my hometown OFF of welfare, I want us to STOP printing money we don't have, I want taxes to be FAIR - I say fuck the IRS. I want our country to be more self sufficient.

That's a lot of wants. I'm hoping for at least one or two.

Mickey said...

I hear ya! Ok, now to speak open and honestly... many people think that us having a black president means that more black people will be on welfare-type programs, and give them more money to not work. Although that may could be the case, why does it HAVE to be? He's not even in office, and people assume. I assumed a lot about Bush W. when he was re-elected, but since I had already endured 4 years of his b.s., I felt that I had enough "proof" of what the next 4 years were gonna be like (and I can honestly say that I -DIDN'T- vote for Bush W. in EITHER election!). And, as predicted, Bush W. did as Bush W. does. However, this is the first time we've ever had a black president in office, and people assume. Nothing to base their opinions on, except just racist assumptions. Who knows, he could be the greatest president we've ever had during my 33 years of life, but people are damned to give him that chance. They assume. I find it a bit "refreshing" and "invigorating" that we have a black president. He speaks with a lot of intellect, but doesn't talk above you, but to you. I always though Bush W. always sounded like a dumbass redneck every time he opened his mouth, and I hate to admit that I'm probably not far from the truth.

What I find most amusing about the bigots you spoke of is that most of these people have never lived even near or rarely have ever associated with people outside of their own race. You would think it would be the opposite, but most of the racist bigots I've ever met has little or nothing to do with anyone that's not white, yet people who live in inner cities are usually the least racist. Go figure. Although I was raised around quite a bit of racism, I try to look at people's character and personality before I look at their skin color. To me, trash is trash, crap is crap, no matter what color it is. If the "shoe fits", then so be it.

Yeah, there's a lot of changes to be made, and I only hope our new administration will make the best choices for EVERYONE... black, white, brown, young, old, rich, and poor. If the Democrats want to prove anything to anyone, NOW IS THE TIME!!! I don't want to look back 4 years from now and ask, "We had 4 years, and what good came of it?", much like the last 8 years the Republicans have had. No, I want to be able to say, "We had 4 years, and look at all of the good that came of it."

Melissa said...

Why is it that if you do not support Obama, you are racist? I know that is the case with alot of people, but also very far fetched to assume that everyone is racist. I feel that Obama is nothing more than an arrogant idiot. I feel that one day, he very well could have made a wonderful president. Now is not his time, although he is good with his words, doesn't mean he is going to be able to pull us out of the mess we are in.
Can you really hold it against McCain, the fact that his campaign produced so much negativity? If you do then you also need to hold it against Obama about his past and present relations with radicals and his RACIST pastor. Because it's all who they surround thierselves with right?
Whoever assumes the blacks are the ones that are "eating up" the welfare system, needs to reconsider. Every single person I know that is abusing welfare is WHITE. (Although, I hate to admit it, I know lots). I was also once told in a discussion about this matter that I was just as guilty as they were for not reporting them. Maybe I am? But that is not my business.

Back to the real discussion...
I am scared to death!! In the beginning I was very angry at peoples "naiveness" of the obvious. I am becoming more "open" to HOPE for this country. That is all one can do at this time. Hopefully, he will be the best president of our time. But I also really still believe he has a "secret agenda". There is no doubt in my mind that he will make much needed changes and right when things are looking up is when all hell will break loose.

I am racist if you call racist being worried about the fact that he was raised under Islamic teachings, he sat under a preacher GD' ing America up until he saw it was hurting his campaign, he has constantly had to "explain" all his radical friends, not once or twice but MANY times. WTF??? I don't understand what people don't get. People are so ready for a change, they are jumping at the first thing that promises them what they want to hear, even though, it is unrealistic. Our terrosist enemies know we are at our weakest moments right now, and have always warned us they will desrtoy America from the inside out.

While watching a documentary the other night titled, "Where in the world is Osama bin Laden" (which btw was not the McCain campaign using their "scare tactics". In the movie, the man interviewed several men from the Middle East. One told the interviewer, "We have you right where we want you, you have fallen right into our trap." he also told him that in their Islamic teachings, there will be a certain verse from the Quaran called out and even all the people who have strayed from the Islamic readings will know what to do and how to react to the Islamic verse, when the time comes.

It has never sickend me so much to see how people worship this man like he is God. Hmm???
Even Halle Berry stated she would ,"clear all the trash and paper cups out of the way to clear a path for Obama to walk." Puh-lesse.

Another thing that amazes me, is how people think he is the answer to all of our problems, how can anyone with 0 experience even begin to get us out of this mess?????

My BP is skyrocketing so this is all for now.

oh wait one more thing, I also can't get pass the stupidity of people not beleiving he couldn't have any ulterior motives. "They check you through and through, to be president." these people say. And if they saw anything bad was going to happen they could impeach him. When after it's too late? Again..just another example of too much trust in the government.

So i am NOT excited to say the least, I am VERY VERY VERY worried about this man leading our country and somewhat angry, not with Obama, but some of the naivety. Let's keep our blinders on people, that is the only way we can deal with our problems.
And we want to be so fast to condemn the white people and call them racist because some don't support a black president, what about the black people who didn't know what in the world they were voting for besides the fact that he was black. Is that not a racist bigot????

Melissa said...

After re-reading my comment, it sounded kinda "ugly". LOL..I was taking most of my anger out on some of the comments my friends have made regarding their "naiveness." It is their statements to me, that make me think they are being too naive about certain issues. So by not wanting to make them too mad for calling them naive, I kinda took it out on your blog. No harm intended. Just had to blow some steam off somewhere.

Racism was brought up by someone else in a comment, my harsh words were again directed towards -my friends. I have several friends who are in interacial relationships and feel like alot of times they think my negativity towards Obama is racist. Which they have known me long enough to know better than that.

So I apologize if I offended anyone.

Crow said...

Damn girl!!! I love it when people get passionate about politics, even if I disagree with them! LOL And it's ok to get a little "too" passionate. God knows I've said many things and looked back with "geesh, maybe I shouldn't have been so harsh". We're all human, and when the emotions fly, sometimes it's best for everyone else to step back!!! ;-)

Now, this blog wasn't "geared" for everyone who voted against Obama. It is, however, for those who did so based completely on skin color, like my grandmother did. In the last 33 years of my life, this was the FIRST TIME she had EVER voted for a Republican presidential candidate, and it was only based upon Obama's skin color. In all honesty, if his skin color has been much lighter (such as white), and he had an "American name", then she would've voted for him, and that's really sad. It's one thing to vote against someone based upon their policies and ethics, but not just because they're not white, and that's all she voted for. She voted for McCain's white skin, and not because of his policies.

Another good example is my Dad. He's often said that he'd vote for anyone of any skin color or gender, as long as their policies matched his. He would've voted for Condoleezza Rice in a heartbeat if she had been the Republican nominee instead of McCain. But, they chose another old, white guy instead.

However, on the same token, if anyone reading this voted for Obama JUST BECAUSE he's black, then you're no better than the racist bigots who voted against him for the same reasons, just like my grandmother did.

It's really sad to see people vote based upon skin color or gender, and unless you don't have any access to TV or the internet, then there's no excuse whatsoever. There's a lot of news channels (Fox, MSNBC, CNN, etc.) along with thousands of websites who cover the issues along with the policies the candidates endorses to "fix" these issues. If people don't know what the candidates stood for, then it's their own damn fault for being so ignorant. Simple as that.

To me, the President of the United States is THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD, and I actually play a very small role in who's hired for the job, much like a manager at a business. But since I'm unable to directly give interviews for this extremely important job, I do everything else in my power to know more about the job applicants. Ok, I'm dropping the metaphor now. But anyways, you know me. I research EVERYTHING, and I try my best to research everything from every angle possible. I watch Rebublican Fox News more than I watch liberal Democratic MSNBC, and watch moderate CNN more than those two, but I still get my info from all three. I visit liberal Democratic websites such as the Huffington Post, but still frequent websites such as conservative Republican Town Hall. The only way to get the whole story on any story is to hear it from all sides, and then some, and then make your own personal, educated choice. Otherwise, you're in the dark. I didn't pick Obama because he's black. I voted for Obama because I agree with his policies more than I did with McCain's. I actually made a mental list of the issues that were important to me in my head, and then researched what the candidates' policies were for these issues. Although I agreed with Bob Barr's (Libertarian) policies more so than the two primary candidates, hell would freeze over before a Libertarian would be voted in the presidential office. However, if I had known that Obama would've swept into the presidential office as easily as he did, then I probably would've voted for Bob Barr just to show my support. But since some of the polls showed such a close race between the two primary candidates, I voted for, what I honestly felt, was the "lesser of the two evils". I know you may find that hard to believe, but once I started ignoring all of the negative publicity between the two and only paid attention to their policies, I agreed with Obama more on almost every one. If I had voted for McCain, it would've ONLY been because I bought their "scare tactics", and God knows I'm so exhausted by the Republican's scare tactics over the last 8 years I literally could just vomit. I'm so sick of hearing about terrorists, I could live the rest of my life without ever hearing that word ever spoken again. Since I wasn't with Bush's administration from the very beginning about Iraq, then I must be a terrorist, also (referring to a speech he once made when he was trying to convince the American people to invade Iraq).

The last percentages I read or heard of people who are on welfare shows more whites than blacks on welfare, however, only by a small margin. Considering that blacks are a minority, shows that more blacks are on welfare than whites are per capita. However, due to programs such as "welfare to work", the amount of people on welfare, both black, white, brown, etc., show that fewer people are currently on welfare, per capita, than before. It was my Dad, the Conservative Republican, who pointed out to me that the percentage of people on welfare has been dropping for several years. I've got some websites for you to visit:




And as far as his Islamic teachings go, I thought we had already been over this in a MySpace blog. If all Muslims are terrorists, then all Christians are also, but everyone wants to ignore the several hundreds of years of Christians torturing and slaughtering others "in the name of God". And no, it wasn't just the Catholic Church involved either, although they could be held responsible for much of it. As with most Christians do with their Bibles, most Muslims choose to ignore passages referring to killing non-believers. Plenty of that in the OT (Old Testament)!!! So, I wouldn't hold his Muslim background too much against him. The same could be said about your "Christian heritage", as well. It was only less than a few hundred years ago when Christians (both Catholic and Protestants) went on a witch-killing frenzy that spread all across Europe and finally ended here in the U.S., taking thousands of innocent lives. But most Christians prefer not to talk about that embarrassing episode. And most of our wacky cults here in the U.S. are also usually Christian-based, not Islamic-based. And lastly, most of your serial killers (coincidentally enough, are usually middle-aged white men) also claim to be Christians. Don't you think that most of your average Muslims view Muslim extremists as "crazy nuts", much like most Christians do when a "Christian" goes on a killing spree? Same difference, only a different religion.

My personal decision to vote for Obama was based purely upon my desire for positive change. Wouldn't McCain have brought that, also? Probably so, but the changes he wanted to make were small and minor, and not enough. It's time for "radical" change! LOL Sorry, couldn't resist! ;-) As a co-worker of mine once said recently, "The Republicans has had their 8 years, and now it's time for ours!" I hate to agree.