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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kick `Em When They're Down

A few weeks ago, my sister's and her husband's house caught on fire. Here's my original post:

This past weekend, their house, still vacant due to the fire damage, was broken into and about $3,000 worth of items were stolen. The thief broke the lock on the back, sliding-glass door into the only room, their finished basement made into a family room, that was untouched by the fire, and proceeded to steal several items.

It's extremely obvious that their house had been on fire, due to all of the flame, smoke, and water damage done to the right-corner of the house, which is directly adjacent to the driveway. There's also fire tape all over the front yard, wrapped between several trees and the house, next to where you drive-up to, which can easily be seen by the main road in front of their house. The rest of the house is surrounded by thick woods and underbrush, so the thief had to have parked their vehicle in their driveway. So, the thief knew that because the house was too severely damaged for anyone to currently live there, giving them a free opportunity to steal whatever they wanted.

The only thing I can ask or say is, what kind of pathetic human being would kick someone while they're already down?! The thief would have to have known all of this, and used this knowledge to their advantage for an easy steal. Is it bad enough to steal from innocent people anyways, let alone when they've already lost so much?! Sure, many things can be replaced, but items such as wedding pictures and other priceless memories destroyed by fire and smoke damage that can and will never be replaced. And then for someone to break into their already-severely damaged home, and steal the few items of worth, importance, and sentimental values is the lowest of the low. One of these items was a sentimental gift given from my sister to her husband for Father's Day. Words cannot describe how absolutely and truly pathetic this person is, or the people involved are. I can only hope that the guilt either eats them alive, or they in-turn receive the same many times fold.

Sure, they gave the police a report and several pieces of evidence was left behind, but when my sister and her husband asked about fingerprints, the officers seemed uninterested and replied that it could take a year before getting the results back. If it means catching the criminal(s), even if it takes a year, then do so!!! Of course, my sister has been contacting several of the local pawn shops in the area since the sentimental item she had given to her husband for Father's Day is quite unique, it should be easy to locate if they should try to sell it to a local pawn shop.

If you are a direct friend or family to us, I encourage you to send me an e-mail or call me, and I'll be more than happy to give you a description of this unique item and help us watch for it in any local trading shops and stores, such as pawn shops and flea markets. If you were in the local area and know, heard, or seen anything suspicious, PLEASE call the Burke County Sheriff's Office at (828) 438-5500 immediately!!! I also ask that you e-mail or message the link to this blog to anyone you think would be interested:


Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!


Melissa said...

OMG!! There are no words to even begin to describe what kind of horrible person would do that! My heart goes out to Renee and her family and everything they have had to endure in the past month or so. It is so disgusting that you work so hard to have what you do and in the blink of an eye, someone can take that from you. I will send you an email and definitely be on the lookout for the items.

Mickey said...

Thank you!!! Please pass this blog post to anyone that can help: