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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Power Mocha

Power Mocha

As with anything with high dosages or quantities of artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and/or glucose (sugar), some ingredients can have either short-term and/or long-term side effects, such as different forms of cancer, cardiac-related (heart), diabetes, and/or weight-related health problems, especially over prolonged use. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! You've been warned, and I CANNOT be held responsible! Many of the supplements listed below are links to Wikipedia so you can personally decide whether or not to use these supplements. However, since this "recipe" doesn't contain any artificial colors or preservatives, and the only artificial flavoring is what you add to it, this "recipe" is much safer to drink than most energy drinks. Please also see a "Safer" But Less "Potent" Version Of Power Mocha below:

I like to make a simple "recipe" of what I called "Power Mocha" to wake me up in the mornings and get me going. You can even make it low-carb! Here's what you'll need:
  • Blender
  • Coffee Maker
  • 4 to 6 Cups of Mineral Water
  • Medium-Dark (such as Columbian or French Roast) or Dark, STRONG Ground Coffee (your preference)
  • Coffee Creamer or Milk (your preference), or a little of both (adjust to preferred taste)
  • Sugar or Artificial Sweetener (your preference, and adjust to preferred taste)
  • Chocolate-Flavored Whey Protein Powder (one serving size)
  • Chocolate-Flavored Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials Powder Drink Mix or other varieties, such as the No Sugar Added (one packet or serving size)
Optional Liquid/Powder Supplements (One Serving Size Of Each):
Most of these can be purchased at most department stores, such as WalMart; or health stores, such as GNC (General Nutrition Center) or The Vitamin Shoppe...
If you can't find the liquid or powder version of any of these supplements to add, simply take the pill form as you're drinking your Power Mocha.

  1. Simply make 4 to 6 cups of Medium-Dark or Dark, STRONG Coffee as you would normally would
  2. Pour the HOT Coffee into the Blender (be careful not to burn yourself!)
  3. Add the Ingredients (one serving size of each) into the Blender
  4. Add any Liquid/Powder Supplements (one serving size of each) you'd like into the Blender
  5. Add the lid to the top of the blender and blend thoroughly for several seconds
  6. Enjoy!
Other Varieties of the Power Mocha:
  • Refrigerate overnight (8+ hours) for a Chilled Power Mocha, but you may need to quickly stir, shake, or re-blend it again in the morning.
  • Add Ice into the Blender for an Iced Power Mocha (you may want to add an extra Tablespoon of Ground Coffee, before making the Coffee, as Ice tends to "water-down" the Coffee)
  • Substitute any Chocolate-Flavored Ingredient for Vanilla-Flavored Ingredient to make a Vanilla Power Coffee (if all Ingredients are Vanilla-Flavored) or a Vanilla Power Mocha (any combination of both Chocolate-Flavored and Vanilla-Flavored Ingredients)
"Safer" But Less "Potent" Version Of Power Mocha:
  • Substitute Mineral Water or Tap Water for Purified Water
  • Substitute Regular Coffee for Decaffeinated Coffee
  • Substitute Coffee Creamer for Non-Fat Coffee Creamer, and/or substitute Milk for Skim Milk
  • Substitute Artificial Sweetener or Sugar for Stevia, or don't use any form of sweetener at all
  • Don't add any Ginseng, Guarna or Guaranine
  • Don't drink anything containing stimulants, including this Power Mocha "recipe", at least four to eight hours before bedtime to avoid insomnia.
Hope you enjoy!!!

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