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Monday, October 4, 2010

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

As of this very minute, my wife and I have quit smoking "cold turkey" for two weeks.  It's been very difficult, trying to divert our attention from the nicotine cravings.  For me, yesterday was worse than usual, but I didn't cave, and my wife was very patient with me as I was not.  For anyone who is interested in quitting smoking, take a look at these links:
There's also an active quit smoking support group for women on Facebook at:
If you're wanting to quit smoking, please don't try to do it alone.  If you know someone who is trying to quit, please offer them support!

A couple of alternatives that have helped me divert my attention away from my nicotine cravings have been sugar-free chewing gum and hard candies.  Taking brief walks have helped, also.

I started smoking when I was about 14 or 15 years old, but I dipped at a much younger age.  I had quit once for about three and-a-half years, but thought I could maintain enough control to allow myself a cigarette or a cigar occasionally.  I did okay for about a month or so, but eventually, my habit was back to the way it was before I had quit.  I now know that I'm either "all or nothing", and most people are also the same way.  To remain smoke-free, I must completely refrain from smoking ever again.  As much as I want to convince myself that I can allow myself a cigarette or a cigar occasionally, I know that I can't.

I hope this blog may be of some help to someone who's trying to kick the habit.


markwilson said...

Smoking is very bad habit also is not good for the health. Due to smoking many people faces the lot of health related problem. I like your post you share a nice information of your experience about quit smoking.
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David Garcia said...

This is a great read for those thinking of quitting. I had to sometime ago. What i did was to deprive myself from it gradually, day after day.

I don't think its easy to kick the habit, but its a good start to a healthy you.

thevoicestoldmeto said...

I could quit for the second time by reducing the amount of nicotine in steps.

The "throw away the pack" version failed for me. :P

Patches suck, chewing gum sucks.

When I used the all-or-nothing approach, I noticed, that I started to hate my friends for smoking and wanted zealously to "convert them to my side of the Force". :P

So how are you doing by this far?

Mickey said...

So far, so good, but it's been REALLY hard! Not a day goes by that I fight the cravings, and I quit back on September 20th (about 40 days ago)! I smoked for about 17 years, give or take.
I quit "cold turkey" (meaning, no nicotine alternatives), but what helped was being restricted in a hospital for the first week (heart-related issues). I couldn't leave the hospital to go outside and smoke, so that helped. Before, the best way I had found to quit was Chantix (http://www.chantix.com/), but it's expensive (more than my off-brand cigarettes), and you have to follow the program very closely for at least six months or you WILL start back! I've known several people to quit using electronic cigarettes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_cigarette), but most of them started back on regular cigarettes a few months later.
Although chewing gum, hard candy, and taking walks takes a little of the edge off, but honestly, there is no easy way to quit smoking except strong will-power and motivation. Most cravings subside after about 15 minutes, so everytime one hits, I try to keep myself busy both mentally and physically, and remove myself from situations that remind me of smoking (for example, being outside with other smokers). I have to keep reminding myself daily that I want to see my kids grow-up, and the fact that my wife would kick my butt if I started back helps, too! LOL