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Friday, April 15, 2011

BCPS Workshop 2

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the second BCPS's (Burke County Public School's) workshop due to my conflicting work schedule, but I heard there were mixed feelings of how the budget workshop went.  My wife says that the group she was in wasn't very productive because many people in her group were uninformed teachers who were misled by Dr. Stellar's numbers.  However, some other groups were other somewhat more productive, and a few teachers were enlightened by some ideas outside from only what they had been told.  However, the majority of the workshop was overrun by misled and uninformed teachers with lack of support from the rest of the Burke County community, which brings me to my second point...

Although I wasn't able to attend this particular workshop, I have attended other meetings since after the Public Hearing on March 28th, and I've been EXTREMELY disappointed at Burke County's community involvement afterwards.  Where are the parents and grandparents who attended the Public Hearing at?!  Just because the BOE (Board Of Education) voted against consolidation at this present moment doesn't mean that consolidation will never be brought up ever again.  When it does (and not "if"), I doubt the BOE will listen a second time due to the lack of involvement from the community after the first public hearing.  Everyone wanted to speak out against consolidating schools, but hardly anyone wants to contribute to finding solutions to Burke County's deficit problems.  You can only "cry wolf" so many times before people stop listening.  If you're not willing to contribute, research, and work to solving Burke County's deficit issues and keeping our schools open, then sit down and shut up, or go home.


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