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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mickey's Website

I have added and changed a few of my webpages.  First, I modified my home page to make it a little more "visually appealing".  I also created a United States Holiday Calendar using Google Calendar...

There's plenty of websites that link to other kid-friendly, educational, and fun websites on the internet; but most of them are bland, no pictures, and just plain text.  Most kids are very visual, and don't like wordy websites.  So, I created, changed, and updated a bookmark/favorites page for kids that also include thumbnails (screenshots) of these websites, and currently links to about 60 kid websites at the time of this writing.  So far, my kids have really liked it, and I hope yours will, too.  It makes a great home page for the web browser your kids use.  If there's a few FREE, popular websites you think I should add, please let me know by e-mail at junkmail3612@gmail.com...

There's not very much on the internet that helps kids learn how date and time works.  I found plenty of pages aiding parents and teachers to teach kids how to read a calendar and tell time on a clock, but not much out there for kids themselves.  So, I decided to try to make a couple of pages that may help...

I tried making my three kids web pages listed above as visual as possible, but due to my limited web space and lack of knowledge about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, these web pages still aren't as fun-looking as I'd like.  I'm always open for CONSTRUCTIVE criticism by fellow web designers.  Please keep in mind that I "hand-write" all of my web pages because I despise all of the extra codes and tags many web design software programs often insert.  I attempt to keep my web pages "clean, fast, and sleek" (efficient and optimized).

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