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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Candidtates' Past

Most of the accusations towards both Barak Obama and John McCain are a decade or two old, and who knows how much ties they hold today. I know Barak Obama's party is mostly shrugging this off, and even some of his campaign people said they had already discussed and admitted these issues several months ago, and not sure why this is even brought-up again. These accusations aren't anything new, and from what I've heard, is hurting McCain/Palin campaign even more for bringing it up. Many people sees this as an act of desperation, since they're currently behind in all of the current polls, no matter which ones you look at.

I know that if you held the people I use to hang-around with back in my college days about decade or so ago against me, then I'm screwed, even though I no longer associate with them any longer. And the few that I actually do come into contact with have changed since those days, getting married, having kids, etc. No, none of them were "radicals" in the sense that they didn't try to bomb anything, well... not to my knowledge. I wouldn't put it past them! But they were extremely aggressive and violent towards anyone in authority (such as police officers) and anyone who may have appeared to be an "enemy". Out of our group of 20, 30, or more people (depending upon the time-frame you were there), I was literally the only one who didn't have a PO (Probation/Parole Officer), and one of the few that was making an honest living. So, using these politics, I would be screwed if I were to run in a political office. Not that I endorse Barak Obama or his past in any way, but I am somewhat empathetic. However, current involvement should be intolerated. All we need is radicalism in office when we need "moderatism" (if such as word) more than ever.

John McCain's less-than-honorable past involvement with "Keating Five" is probably the oldest of the stories, but what's so ironic is that he was involved in a similar situation as the most recent financial crises involving Fanny May and Freddie Mac. He foretold a few months ago that this financial collapse would happen soon, maybe because of his personal past experiences? LOL But seriously, since it's about two decades ago, it holds very little evidence with me. As hopefully with Barak Obama, people learn from their mistakes and make positive changes.

The only one that I find the most interesting is how recent Palin's ties to the Alaska Independence Party (AIP). Even though her husband left the party in 2002, she made some comments to them within the last year on videotape, such as "keep up the good work" and so forth. And the founder of the party, Joe Vogler, made a couple of "radical" comments back in his day, the party's motto of "Alaska First - Alaska Always" contradicts with John McCain's "Country First" motto, on top of Joe Vogler's very mysterious death. Although the death was pegged on a specific person, many people who knows this person personally says that there's no way that this person could have pulled-off the complexities of the crime alone. Even comments from high-ranking members of the Alaska Independence Party have come out, but in fear of their own lives to mention any names. Weird shit does happen in Alaska, I suppose. :-)

I watched Fox News for several hours yesterday, but I got really upset of how they didn't report anything about the Republican candidates' less-than-honorable pasts. At least CNN did talk briefly about both Barak Obama's and John McCain's pasts quite fairly. I have very little use for extremely biased news channels, and that's including both Fox News and MSNBC. To leave out any facts or truth isn't the real news. So I'm watching the debates on CNN tonight! ;-)

I wish I could give each candidate a year or two each to see what either of them would do. Always remember, the president isn't a dictator, his hands are quite tied by Congress and hopefully even by us! If the president REALLY pisses enough people off, I would hope what we, the people, all had the balls to stand-up to their administration before it got too bad. Of course, I would've though we all would've overthrown Bush W. by now... :-/

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