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Monday, October 6, 2008

Political Inspiration And Hidden Moneys

From a blog on MySpace pertaining to a local newspaper:

"Make a decision based on your own research." This was the title to a recent letter published to the News Herald. This makes me laugh so hard at this poor man. Because of course, bless his heart, he is an Obama supporter. (Ha-ha, I am typing this in Word, and it is showing a misspelling for Obama and it has recommended "Osama" as the substitute word). LOL. Anyway, here is part of what he wrote in the News Herald, "I don't pretend to understand all the complex issues facing our country, nor do I totally agree with everything the Democratic Party endorses. However, I know that Obama inspires me. He makes me want to be a better citizen." Now do you see why I laugh at this man? He does not know anything himself, but recommends that we "make a decision based on our own research." Obama just "inspires him". (Well good for him.) However, right now we need someone more than just "inspiring". We need someone who has experience, like Biden, Obama's own VP candidate said about Obama, "This is no time for on-the job training." Well said Biden! Bless his heart too, he did not care who he ran with as long as his lil face was right there in the spotlight, he was willing to run with McCain or against him. WTF? Is this truly, how things are supposed to be? Willing to change your vote, however way, just to get in the office. Pathetic!! Back to the poor lil News paper man..he should have done just a little bit of research on his part before he publishes a letter in the paper and tells "us" to "make a decision based on your own research." However, I do recommend this; do not rely on what you hear from the media. Most are biased anyway. ( I have done my own research!!) I could honestly rant and rave all day about the upcoming election, but all I would accomplish would be to get it off my chest not change anyone's mind. And I do intend on posting another blog shortly to get some of it off my chest. I think everyone around me is tired of hearing me vent about Obama (mostly because they support him). So since this is MYSPACE, I will use my space to talk about how I feel. If you feel you may be offended, I advise now not to read any of my blogs titled "politics".

My response:
LOL, I suppose I could've been the guy who wrote that article! At least I would've been sincere about it, but I would've left out the "inspire" part. We do need someone in there who's a little more than just "inspiring". I get inspired by just watching "The Lord Of The Rings" movie trilogy. LOL

And as far as honesty, show me an honest politician and I'll show you a liar!

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for someone to trace the funding of these two candidates, even "hidden moneys"!!! I'm sure much of it's from lobbyists (aka "special interest groups"). Also, I wonder how much funding the Republican party gets from corporations versus the Democratic party? Hmm... ..

The general public really don't know who they're really voting for, or everyone would vote Libertarian!!! LOL J/k But seriously, it's the same "lip service" I hear from both sides every election year, yet I've seen few results. I desperately want REAL change, not the crap we hear every election year! To me, it would be refreshing to see a "joe-shmoe" promising to cleanse the Capitol and the White House and start over from scratch! Now that's change! Won't ever happen in my lifetime.

I have the dilemma of agreeing with some of the ideologies from both candidates, but not fully agreeing with either.

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