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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Of The Same

I can't believe that the elections are only a less a week away! And I see Obama's trying to turn-up the heat with a 30-minute ad, and new allegations by the McCain party and more of "Joe the Plumber". Honestly, I'm getting a little tired of listening to McCain's campaign.

Although I'm not 100% sure I'm voting for Obama or whoever else, but the more I hear from McCain's campaign, the less likely I'm voting for him. They're using the more of the same scare tactics that the Bush administration used that got us into this ridiculous Iraq war, emphasising "more of the same". I'm sorry folks, but we don't need "more of the same" that we've had for the last eight years. Although I like some of the ideas he has to fix many of the problems we have in our American politics, but I don't think it's enough. We wants to continue this war, that's draining our economy and killing thousands of our troops and Iraqi people. He doesn't want to touch our unfair tax system. He wants to make minor changes to our greedy healthcare system.

McCain's administration state that if we did everything that Obama's promising, that our economy will tank even further, which was the same thing the Republicans said during Bill Clinton's campaign (under Democratic politics, mind you), when he left office, we had a SURPLUS (meaning our government was taking in more money than it was spending). If my memory serves me right, our economy, as a whole, was about the best it had been in many years, with the exception of many manufacturers moving overseas due to NAFTA. However, during the eight years of Bush W.'s administraion (under Republican politics), we have the highest deficit we've ever had in U.S.'s history (meaning our government's spending more money than it's taking in, and in all 229 years of it), and he expanded NAFTA even more, meaning even more manufacturers went overseas. So, under Obama's plan, will it "blow-up" in the faces of the Republicans, much like it did during Clinton's administraion? I personally think so.

Also, I'm about to watch a partial live event with both Obama and Bill Clinton on CNN. I know that there's some "bad blood" between Clinton and Obama, but at least they're attempting an event like this. Why isn't McCain doing something like this with Bush W.? Because Bush W. is so unpopular, they can't without it hurting McCain, and that's really sad. I know the Republicans would love nothing more than to have Reagan doing an event with McCain right now.

Anyways, take this however you wish, but I was able to find articles about how the economy has done under different presidents. It's a really interesting read...

So, take these articles however you wish.

But anyways, as I'm watching different TV channels as I'm typing this, what I find interesting is that most of the Republican ads are negative against the Democrats running for the same local offices. However, most of the Democratic ads are positive about themselves and what they've done while in office, and their future plans if elected, with a little mudslinging. To me, more of the same Republican politics... scare tactics, and no solutions concerning our country's issues... nothing. So, I'm pretty sure I know who I'm NOT voting for. I want to hear solutions, and not mudslinging. Even my father, a strong Conservative Republican, has mentioned once or twice that you never hear from our senator, Elizabeth Dole (Republican), except only during election times, and he's been really disappointed with her. EVERY ad I see from Elizabeth Dole has been nothing but negative ads against Kay Hagen, her Democratic opponent, because Mrs. Dole hasn't done ANYTHING of importance or effectiveness for North Carolina whatsoever! She can't "toot her own horn" because there's nothing to toot about! We might as well had elected a crash-test dummy or a manican for her seat. So, her ads are basically, "since I can't speak highly of myself, I'll just speak lowly about my opponent."

Anyways, just my opinion... ;-)

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