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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why Are You Voting For Whom You Are Voting For?

I'd like to try to get a discussion going on here right before the 2008 presidential elections of the presidential candidate you are voting for and why? This also applies to anyone who's already early-voted.

And why didn't you vote for the other presidential candidate(s)?


Jennifer Wommack said...

Basically, I think something completely new/different is in order for Washington. And while politics is still politics (and always will be), I think Obama is more like the kind of politician I'd rather see in power. Pretty much, in a nutshell, I am disgusted with the GOP, and there aren't many republicans whom I find worth their weight in shit. In 2000, John McCain had come the closest to getting me to respect a republican. But the John McCain of 08 is vastly different from the man in 2000. As far as why I'm not voting McCain, it pretty much sums it up to say that I disagree with almost everything the man says, and I'm tired of all of the rhetoric, war-mongering, and fear-peddling. I guess I'm just hoping for hope. Oh yeah, that, and the fact that Sarah Palin is bat-shit crazy and deserves to be nowhere near the oval office. IMHO.

Anonymous said...

I voted for McCain.
I would like to hear ONE good reason why someone would vote for Obama, besides they don't want another four years of "Bush." (Give me a break).

Mickey said...

I'm feeling really "fired-up" this morning, so I'm trying not to "flame" anyone here...

I suppose if anyone read through my blog, they probably know who I'm planning to vote for. However, I'm still "teeter-tottering" between a few different presidential candidates.

In response to the anonymous poster asking for reasons to vote for Obama, I'd like to switch the question around and ask "why NOT vote for Obama, if you remove all of the allegations the Republican party has been throwing at him?"

The only reason NOT to vote for Obama is that if you've been sucked into all of the fear tactics the Republicans have been selling for the last eight years. Yeah, we get it, everyone's a f_____g terrorist!

Now, for my reasons TO vote for Obama.

For one, he wants to get us out of this ridiculous war. This war has been the biggest mistake we've made during my lifetime. And the "perpetrator", Osama bin Laden, is still on the loose. But we got someone else who had nothing to do with 9/11!!! That should've made us all feel much better. Pathetic. If the FBI only wants Osama for terrorist acts outside of the US (http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topten/fugitives/laden.htm), then I doubt the Republicans want him, either. I guess it's ok to kill 3,000 innocent people. If not, then give me ONE GOOD REASON why we've spent more time and resources in Iraq than we did perusing Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan when we knew where he was at?

Number two, he wants to change our unfair tax system. Instead of sending billions of dollars to "bail-out" these greedy CEOs who's proven time-and-time again to waste it on hunting trips and the such (read-up on AIG at http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/10/08/politicians.meltdown.aig.ap/) instead of using the money wisely, he wants to shift this money to 95% to the rest of us who actually really need it. McCain wants to keep this unfair tax system UNFAIR. Many of us pay more in taxes each year than filthy-rich CEOs who makes MILLIONS, if not BILLIONS, a year!!! I was watching this show about a yacht transporter on "World's Biggest Movers" on one of the "informational channels" (Discovery, History, etc.), and it costs over 10k to use this company's services to move yachts. He talked about how his business has sky-rocketed while Bush W. has been in office, because the rich keep getting richer, these filthy-rich people keep buying more and bigger yachts, and that they're having to make bigger movers for these bigger yachts. I was getting nauseous while watching this show. I call b.s. when I see it.

Point number three, he actually wants to try to make healthcare more affordable, and available to more people by giving you CHOICES, NOT socialism!!! I don't know why Republicans don't get this. I suppose that if you don't pay a ridiculous amount to your healthcare insurance provider, only to have them increase your rates and your copays every year while reducing your premiums, then it must be socialism!!! I'll be more than happy to print out my healthcare benefits over the last eight years I've been with Best Buy. I keep paying more every year, yet my copays have went up, and my healthcare insurance covers less. Well, I suppose fascism is better than socialism, since it's FASCIST for us to send billions of GOVERNMENT dollars into PRIVATELY-OWNED companies! But I suppose fascism is better than socialism. And by the way, we are already redistributing the wealth! Only this time, it's sending billions of dollars to these greedy corporations and putting the tax burden onto the middle class! God forbid we redistribute wealth more fairly! So, say what you want, but we're already living in the beginnings of a socialistic, fascist government.

So, excluding all of the fear tactics the Republicans are using against Barrack Obama, give me ONE GOOD REASON to vote for John McCain! ONE GOOD REASON is all that I ask.

jennifer wommack said...

Here's my reasons:
While Obama may not be as "experienced" a politician as McCain, he has shown vastly more leadership qualities. A leader should inspire people! That is the only true, effective way to lead. Not McCain's way of fear and intimidation. Obama has also surrounded his campaign with truly competent people, people who might make up for something he himself lacks. For example, he lacks skills and experience in foreign policy, so he chose Biden as his running mate, the senator with the most experience in foreign policy, a man respected the world over. The fact that he admitted to this particular weakness and chose a running mate who would fulfill that role shows vision and humility, and I truly respect him for that. Another thing I like about Obama is the fact that he comes from a lower middle class, multi-ethnic background. He is more like the new face of America than an old white guy who has gotten much of what he has due to his parents and his parents' status. I also think that where we see his name and the color of his skin as a negative thing, the rest of the world does not. It might just inspire trust with other nations, especially those with whom we do not have a good relationship. His name alone will help to open up talks in the Middle East because it sounds familiar to them. I like his background: Obama was raised alternately by his single mom and his grandparents, he worked hard through school and has truly become successful even when all odds were against him.And as far as taxes go, Obama's tax plan would affect himself negatively! It would be really nice to have someone in the White House who wasn't trying to line his own pockets, along with those of his croneys. He sees that the Republicans' ideas of "trickle-down economics" (where if the rich are richer, eventually the poor will get richer) is foolish and has proven to be an epic falure. I guess the point of this is that it might be a great thing to have someone in the White House who hasn't been corrupted by too many years in the political quagmire of D.C.

Melissa said...

OK Mickey, so you already know who I voted for and why. I just want to add that if Obama becomes president we WILL have worse things to worry about besides the economy, healthcare etc. I feel the same way towards Obama supporters "Do you just not get it?" -That you do about Republicans. So pretty much it's all up to the American people now and all I can do is pray they use their "better" judgement, instead of falling into the BS Obama is selling..(LOL) *just wanted to fire you up a little more*
And another thing I do not want to "spread my wealth" with all the lazy people who are laid up on welfare, to lazy to work and sell their foodstamps for drugs. Sorry but it's the God's honest truth. And for the handful of people who are truly not abusing the welfare system, I apologize, but the majority of the people ruin it for me. I would almost place my life on it that 95 or more % of the people in BC abuse the welfare system. And time and time again, you hear the same thing, they will not go to work because it will cut thier benefits(welfare checks, stamps, etc) so it's not worth it to them to work. This even coming from several friends I have that works at our local SS. So NOO, I do not want to spread what little "wealth" that I have, and don't think anyone else who has worked hard and took risks to get where they are should have to share their wealth with me. And another thing with this "spread the wealth" aren't we kind of killing the "American dream", instead of "fixing it" as Obama preaches? If you have to share your wealth, individuals will lose their drive to suceed, therefore, the working class will become even more unemployed, because it is the rich you know who supply our jobs.
:P McCain 08'

Mickey said...

I really hope that Obama isn't selling b.s., but is honest and truthful of the changes he says he wants to make. I suppose we'll see, if he gets elected.
Unless you make $250k or more a year (in which I personally don't know anyone who does), if anything, you'll actually pay LESS in taxes, instead of more. So, if you're like me, you'll actually get a little REFIEF, instead of more burden.
As far as the welfare system goes, the last I heard, less people are on welfare than ever before, due to the "welfare to work" system set in place a few decades ago. I'm trying to find some statistics, but only finding percentages of who is on welfare, but not how many people are on welfare each year. If you come across any statistical data, please post it on here!!!
So, it's not ok to spread the wealth with the middle class and low income, but it IS ok to spread the wealth with the rich? And I do have some stastical data for this, but I'm having to run to work before I can find this PDF. It shows that the middle class is paying a higher percentage than individuals who are in the higher tax brackets. I'll post it when I can find it. So, whether you like it or not, we ARE redistributing the wealth, but it's coming from the middle class and going to the upper class.
It's time for some fairness.
And as far as the "American dream" to succeed and prosper, keep dreaming it. I once found another statistic recently (I'll have to look that one up, also) that shows that the middle class is making less and less yearly income compared to the upper class versus the cost of living and deflation. So, if you're middle class, the percentage that you'll remain middle class or even drop to low-income class keeps rising, as well. So long for the "American dream".

Anonymous said...

I voted for Obama because I am a 1 issue voter- Pro-Choice so I ALWAYS vote Democrat :)

Mickey said...

Sorry Jen that I never commented on your comments! I haven't had much time lately except for commenting on pro-McCain comments! You know I can't pass those up!!! LOL Anyways, just thought I'd let you know that I read your comments and agree 110% with you.

I respected McCain before his campaign, and respected him when he started pulling back the punches when the rest of his administration was getting caught up in all of the usual political garbage the Republicans have been known for the last 8 years. I admire that he started holding back some of he negative comments everyone else around him was slinging, and tried to focus back on the important issues. I didn't understand why the rest of his campaign didn't follow suite, seeing that the more negative comments everyone implied, the worse his ratings would drop. Idiots. People are tired of the same old scare tactics. WE'VE BEEN HEARING THEM FOR EIGHT F_____G YEARS!!! We wanted to hear someone speak about the issues, and their plans to fix them. NOT the ridiculous smear ads and crap. Had everyone in McCain's campaign followed the same gentleman-like, respectful attitude McCain had done during most of his campaign, and focused on how they were going to fix issues Americans face every day, then I could probably bet the election would've swayed more heavily towards their favor, instead of it being close to a landslide. A message to the Republicans in the next election - LEARN FROM THIS!!!

I, too, admire a leader who admits his own "weaknesses", and chooses to surround himself with people who have strengths in his weaknesses.

And speaking of foreign policy, I want a leader who "asks questions before they shoot", unlike the current gun-ho president we have now who still lives in a classic, low-budgeted B-rated western with actors no one's ever heard of where there's only one good guy amongst hundreds of enemies and never gets shot. I'm tired of living in this movie and want a change of scenery. Let's start trying to make some friends instead of making enemies with everyone.

Here's the pros and cons about our tax system, along with what Obama wants to do. Now mind you, I'm not an economist, but someone who tries to analyze it all and uses "common sense"...

Burdening the middle class with higher taxes and reducing taxes on the upper class:
"Trickle-down Economics"
Pros - Paying less taxes help keep manufacturing jobs in the US than shipping jobs overseas.
Cons - With "trickle-down" economics, the wealth rarely trickles-down far enough to reach the bottom, to the workers. In fact, if it trickles anywhere, it trickles from the CEO, those beneath him/her, and eventually to the stockholders by means of company profit (banked). Why give it to the employees when it can be placed elsewhere, increasing the company's value, thus increasing the company's stock. In fact, workers are often seen as nothing much more than a "necessary expense", and not as "something" (or someone, rather) that adds value to the company. If that were true, then we wouldn't see companies moving their operations overseas due to the cost of labor.

Burdening the upper class with higher taxes and reducing taxes on the middle class:
"Trickle-Up Economics"
Pros - The workers get relief from the tax breaks, while their CEO, people above them, and their stockholders pay more in taxes. However, the worker now has more money to spend, even into their own company stocks, and helping to improve the economy.
Cons - The company may seek to move their operations overseas to other countries who offer less taxes along with lower wages, thus removing workers from their jobs and the chance of increasing unemployment, or reducing their pay. Inflation may go up also, raising the cost of products they produce, thus passing these raised costs onto the consumer.

These scenarios most often affect manufacturing companies more so than retailers and the service industry, which is why more and more people work in retail and service industries now than ever before, versus 50 years ago when most people worked in a manufacturing job. However, changing the tax system effects everyone, both positively and negatively. You just have to choose the "lesser of the two evils". "Trickle-down" economics have proved to really only affect the wealthy, but does help keep jobs here in the US, whereas "trickle-up" economics help workers at the bottom until their employer either removes their job or decreases their pay. You're damned no matter what you do, unless you change your entire tax system to something completely different, such as sales-based instead of income-based.

There's a lot more detail that goes into changing income-based tax laws, but I tried to briefly cover the main aspects of each in this blog.