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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Muslims & Terrorism

Not sure what to think about the "rumors" I've heard about Obama, but I can tell you that McCain has supported Bush W. with just about EVERY decision he made during office, no matter how terrible they were. That's why I didn't vote for Hilary during the primaries because she had supported several of Bush W.'s bad decisions. And no matter what people want to say or think, Bush W. has been the worse president we've ever had during my 33 years of lifetime. I would have taken ANY president we've had during the course of my life over Bush W., whether they be Republican or Democratic. Reagan, Bush Senior, Clinton... any of them, anyone's better than Bush W.! Even his own Dad warned him against attacking Iraq!!! Why didn't we attack Iraq during the Gulf War? We most certainly could have, but there was a very good reason we didn't, and it was a reason that even Donald Rumsfeld himself even supported during Bush Senior's administration and then "changed his mind" under the Bush W's administration. Geesh. Everyone knew under Bush Senior's administration that attacking Iraq would turn into a horrible mess. If a politician supported Bush W.
during his administration, then they're NOT getting my vote!

And all Muslims aren't terrorists. Using that ideology, then all Jews and Christians are also terrorists when you analyze the last 2,000 years of world history, which isn't true. Even extremely right-wing Conservative reports about 20% of Muslims consider themselves "radicals", which leaves about 80% that aren't , but I have a sneaky suspicion than even these reports are heavily bloated. There's probably about as many Muslim "radicals" are they are Christian and Jewish "radicals", in which the percentage, then, is much, much lower. There's MANY, MANY Muslims living here in the US, and it's real cheap and easy to make a pipe bomb (the Anarchist's Cookbook is just a download away!), but like the Christians that live here in the US, they're not "radicals" and choose tolerance over violence. If only the rest of the world shared our same view. What I find both amusing and disgusting is that during Bush W.'s administration, all terrorists are Muslims, yet terrorism has been going on for centuries.
Why all of a sudden that all terrorists are Muslims, but only in the last 8 years? Did all terrorists convert to Islam in the last decade? And why isn't Osama bin Laden wanted by the FBI for the terrorist attacks on 9/11? He's wanted for other terrorist attacks in other countries, but not for 9/11?! Don't believe me? Take a look at:


Nothing is mentioned about 9/11 or about the almost 3,000 innocent people that died there. Looks to me that Osama bin Laden was nothing more than a scapegoat, temporarily taking the blame for 9/11, and is now all-but forgotten. Bush W., using bin Laden as the temporary scapegoat, was able to turn our country against all Muslims, thus using this ideology to invade Iraq, who had NOTHING to do with 9/11!!! Don't get me wrong, bin Laden was no boy scout because of his involvements in other terrorist acts, but it all looks extremely suspicious to me.
Why did we send 3 times more troops into Iraq in half the time than we did in Afghanistan, where bin Laden was hiding?

And now, finally my point... I personally could care less if Obama is a Muslim or not. Let's just focus on what the candidates want to do to fix our country's ever-falling status instead on their personal beliefs. I'm just about as afraid of McCain, due to his strong support of Bush W., as I am of Obama!

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