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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Vice Presidential Candidates

Well, even though I personally don't like either candidate, really, but here's my 2 cents about Obama's running man, Joe Biden...

Although I dislike Biden "switching sides", I at least do admire Obama for choosing him, since it "appears" (notice the quotation marks) that Obama is trying to make an "honest" (once again, notice the quotation marks) attempt to reach across the board to the moderates, and maybe even the neo-cons and neo-libs for picking Biden. But only Obama knows his true intentions for picking Biden. I'm sure it was a political move to grab the moderate votes, such as mine. I also have a feeling that, deep within Obama's heart, he doesn't want to be removed from office or even die while in office in fear of Biden taking over the presidential office, since their views are quite different, considering their past voting records, if what we hear about their voting records is true, btw. Long sentence. Anyways, who really knows his true intentions? It is a smart move, though, like playing a game of chess. Maybe smart enough to put McCain/Palin in "checkmate".

Does this mean I'll vote for Obama/Biden? Probably not, but still somewhat unsure, and will probably remain that way until I step into the voting booth. I'm waiting for the REAL mudslinging to start during the last 30 days before the elections. Think it's bad now? The fun's just about to start!!! We're all about to see politicians at their best!!! We're gonna hear so much dirt about both candidates, and I enjoy researching these remarks to see when, where, and how they got their info.

What I do find somewhat laughable is how Palin's playing this "national security card" just because Russia is so close to her state of Alaska. Although Russia is somewhat of a threat, after the fall of Communism, they've practically went from the top of our "Crap List" towards the bottom. China, North Korea, and Venezuela pose a much greater threat to us than Russia has for the last several years. I'm more afraid of Cuba than I am of Russia, so I find these statements quite amusing. And after studying Alaska's prosperity before and during Palin's administration, she doesn't have much more experience with the issues going on in America, as a whole, than what Obama has. Alaska doesn't have to face the same problems as what many other states do, due to their geographic location and their general population. Of course, she isn't running for president, such as Obama, just vice.

It's a good idea to get your news from MANY sources. Relying upon one or two media sources is a VERY bad idea!!! I do a lot of research on the internet, and read articles and watch videos from ALL sides (Liberals, Moderates, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, etc.)

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