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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Second 2008 Presidential Debate

Believe me, I don't trust any of them either, including Obama. Like any other politician, there's an extremely high chance (probably 99.99% chance) that all of the promises he's making is nothing more than what any other politician has done with any debate I've watched over the years... blow smoke up our asses.

Neither one of them really hits hard on specifics, especially when it comes to the economy, even though they spent the most time debating that topic. McCain didn't go into details how the government buying-up these ridiculous loans would help improve the economy, freezing almost ALL programs except for a few (to me, not a good idea), and Obama didn't go into a lot of specifics about his overhaul of wasteful government spending, either. A lot of the debate was them both pointing fingers at each other.

As far as McCain goes, the general message I got from him is removing corruption from government (highly admirable, but good luck with that one) and still having the same unfair tax system and foreign affair tactics we've have over the last eight years. Even though many people argue about what news channel to watch based upon their politics, they showed the same debate on CNN as they did on Fox News as they did on MSNBC. I watched very little of the pre- and post-debate comments by the news reporters, and really focused intently just on the debates themselves. However, CNN's panel did include a fair mix of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats. So, I suppose a fair mix is biased, eh? ;-) But like I said, I watched very little of what these reporters had to say. I try to form my own opinions based upon what I hear and see for myself.

Some people talk of Obama the exact same way I've been talking about Bush W. for the last EIGHT YEARS!!! LMAO Bush W.'s actions have all been suspicious to me, a liar, naive, but always appeared to be a guy you could "sit down and have a beer with". I've wanted to "get rid of his ass" this entire time! It's funny how the tides have changed. Many people feel the exact same way towards Obama as I have with Bush W.

I find reading the transcripts of these debates are far more informational and educational than actually watching them. Here's a website that appears to do so, word-for-word, without leaving anything out, as far as I can tell. Of course, when they over-talk and argue with each other, it's very difficult to make-out what each of them are saying. They even have presidential debate transcripts going back to 1960! Take a look at it:


To me, this is far more informative than just watching the debates, because you can re-read intently and absorb what each candidate is truly saying. Definitely, a "must-read"!!!

Even though I had the channel turned to CNN during both the pre- and post-debate, I was busy playing around on the internet, getting something to drink, etc. I caught a comment or two occasionally, but I wasn't very interested in their comments. I thought the debates spoke for themselves, both live and the transcripts. I thought both candidates spoke plain English enough for me to understand what they said without needing commentary. I can't hardly to stand watch sports with all of the ridiculous commentary. :-)

I really tried watching them from an unbiased point of view, really trying to contemplate what each candidate had to say, as if it was the first time I had heard from either one. Even though McCain is suppose to dominate these types of "Town Hall" debates, I didn't think he really came out strong until towards the very end. I felt that Obama blew smoke up our asses better throughout most of the debate! LOL

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