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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Third 2008 Presidential Debate

I watched the final debates last night, and all I can say is "wow". They positioned the two candidates next to each other, and unlike the past two debates where they mostly talked to the moderator or the crowd and avoided a lot of confrontation with each other, they really talked to each other a lot, something I think we've all been wanting to see for a long time. And finally, McCain really came out strong last night, I personally feel, for the first time we've seen. Previously, I've always felt that Obama did better, even during the "Town Hall" format where McCain is suppose to be his best, Obama still did better. But last night, they both really came out strong, and after watching the debates, made me feel a whole lot better about either of them becoming our next president. Did it make me change my opinion? I doubt it, but we'll see when I step into the voting booth. I'm excited for change, and hoping that either candidate, no matter who becomes president, keeps their promises, tries to "reach across the table" to their opposing party affilaites, and sincerely wants the same changes they both preach about. I suppose we'll all see, won't we?

I will say this: no matter who it is you're voting for, always vote for the same party as your candidate. We've seen way too many years of the parties fighting and arguing with each other, and we don't need four years of nothing getting done because the president voted against the opposing congress or vice-versa! We need change, and change will only happen if we have a president and a congress who share the same views. I know both candidates talk about "reaching across the table", but how often does that really happen? Not often enough. So, if you vote for Obama, please vote an all-Democratic ticket. If you vote McCain, please vote an all-Republican ticket. Even though having these offices evenly mixed may seem ideal, but in reality, it isn't! We can't afford four more years of nothing getting done.

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