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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Political Issues

I have to admit that on most issues, I strongly agree with Obama, but his past does scare me quite a bit. Especially Acorn, which is the most recent tie, and even the very minor ties with Louis Farrakhan. All of the others, such as Bill Ayers, doesn't bother me too bad, since he hasn't shown any such "radical behavior" since the 1960's. But, that's just me. But back to the issues, the fact that Obama wants to EVENTUALLY move the majority of our military from Iraq into Afghanistan is something I've wanted the entire time we've been in Iraq. And also taking a defensive action towards Iran and even Pakistan sounds smart to me, versus what we're doing now. However, I'm no military strategist, so what do I know? :-) He's also the first I've heard to share my views on healthcare. Everyone says that he's for "socialized healthcare", but according to everything I've heard him speak on this topic, he's not, just only for children. He just wants to give us more options to choose from, thus "opening the playing field" more, and also giving these insurance companies some competition, something they haven't had for decades. You can stay with with your current company-provided insurance, or PAY (not free) for Medicaid/Medicare similar rates our congressmen get. Choices, not socialized. I wish someone running would be more for the sales tax-based system versus our current one, but the fact is, our current tax system is unfair. Yes, even though our corporations provide jobs, but shifting the tax burden onto the middle class doesn't make sense, either. So, a fairer tax system would be to shift the tax burden onto corporations who operate overseas, thus giving these companies more incentives to operate inside the US, providing more jobs, and getting tax breaks. I've yet heard either of the candidates who want to do this. But, to me, a sales-based tax system is a better route, all-but completely eliminating the need for the IRS. And don't even get me started on eliminating the corruption and wasteful spending we have in Washington!!! I all-but would to love "wipe the slate clean" and start all over from scratch!!! Between earmarks and lobbyists, I'm REALLY sick of it all. In my little world, if you take money from a special interest group or lobbyist while holding a government position, then you're immediately fired. Simple as that. I would get fired for something as simple as taking a tip from a customer, so why not our politicians? If you really want to get pissed-off, here's a website that goes into a lot of details about government waste:

Citizens Against Government Waste

Also, just Google "wasteful government programs" and read through all of the results. I could easily go on, but I'll stop at this.

Now, will Obama or even McCain keep their promises? Probably not, but the ONLY way they could even attempt to is if we had a congress that the majority matches their views. Even though they both say they want to "come across the table" to work with the other side, we've only seen years and years of partisanship, where neither party wants to work the other. With that being said, the only way you'll see anything done in Washington is to have either a Democratic president and congress, or a Republican president and congress.

Trying to watch the debates from a non-biased point-of-view, I've always thought that Obama comes out stronger in both of them, simply because he's a better orator than McCain. Obama speaks very clearly and thoughtfully, versus McCain studdering and stammering over his words. But that's just personality moreso than anything else, so I try not to hold that against McCain, but it does make McCain look unsure and uncomfortable with what he says. However, I do give McCain kudos for trying to calm down his crowd recently who seems so overly-violent towards Obama. However, the people running his campaign along with Palin did start these "flares". Although McCain may be a person of integrity and honor, it seems like everyone else beneath him don't have any! At least Obama and most of his campaign people appear to hold a little more integrity thusfar, but we'll see since the elections are less than a few weeks away, and the "smearing" will only get worse from both sides.

Although Bush W. can't held completely responsible for all of the economic crisis going on, it's going on "during his watch", which looks bad for him and his administration. And all of the economic crisis isn't just Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, even though they've fueled a lot of it. This issue also stem from other companies and agencies such as AIG and other financial institutions, to even the FCC and our Department of Treasury, which is a part of Bush's administration. So, it appears that many of the folk in Washington on both sides could and should be held to blame for this mess. Unfortunately, it's gonna take government regulations (something I'm against) that'll prevent this from happening again simply because we can't trust people in charge to be honest. Greedy, selfish bastards.

Yeah, we are all human and make mistakes, but considering most of our pasts versus theirs, many of the "wrong-doings" I've done are minuscule in comparison, and unfortunately, I find that many, if not most, of our politicians have lived very dishonorable, indecent lives. It's to be expected from our politicians, which is why I personally believe our country's in the shape that it's been for many decades. Is it possible to break this cycle? I can only believe that it will only get worse before it'll get any better. I can only hope that that new administration will learn from the last eight years, but I highly doubt it.

Wouldn't it be nice if our politicians, even with all of their different views, could sit down and discuss each specific issue in detail, and gather opinions and suggestions from each other to improve these issues? Instead, it seems they all of their own agendas, usually with ties to a special interest group or lobbyist with money involved, only to either support or oppose bills, laws, etc. only because of all of the earmarks and pork-barrel spending that are usually inserted into whatever is being discussed. Everyone wants to better our bills and laws, but no one can with all of the extra crap thrown into everything. How about we start doing politics without any strings attached?!

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