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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chores List Part 1 Of 4 - Daily

Sometimes, having a Chores List helps keep you organized and ensures you get everything done. I've created a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Chores Lists...

Daily Chores List Part 1 Of 4
  1. Make Breakfast and Coffee
  2. Quickly pick-up Kitchen
  3. Quickly pick-up Dining Room
  4. Quickly pick-up Living Room
  5. Quickly pick-up Bathrooms
  6. Quickly pick-up Bedrooms
  7. Quickly pick-up Hallway
  8. Fold Clothes in Dryer
  9. Dry Clothes in Clothes Washer
  10. Separate Lights/Whites from Dark Clothing
  11. Wash a Load of Lights/Whites with Bleach
  12. Put away Clean Pots and Pans in Dishwasher
  13. Wash a Load of Dishes and Silverware
  14. Make and eat Lunch
  15. Clean and wipe Kitchen Counters and Stove Top
  16. Sweep Kitchen Floor
  17. Clean and wipe Dining Room Table
  18. Clean and wipe Living Room Coffee Table
  19. Empty Vacuum Cleaner
  20. Quickly vacuum high-traffic area in Living Room
  21. Quickly vacuum high-traffic area in Dining Room
  22. Quickly vacuum high-traffic area in Hallway
  23. Do Weekly Chore for today
  24. Work on Monthly Chore
  25. Work on Yearly Chore
  26. Fold Clothes in Dryer
  27. Dry Clothes in Clothes Washer
  28. Wash a Load of Darks
  29. Put away folded Clothes
  30. Make and eat Dinner
  31. Put away clean Dishes in Dishwasher
  32. Wash a Load of Pots and Pans
Chores Lists
  1. Daily Chores List Part 1 Of 4 (Current)
  2. Weekly Chores List Part 2 Of 4 (Next)
  3. Monthly Dates Chores List Part 3 Of 4
  4. Yearly Chores List Part 4 Of 4 (End)

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