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Monday, March 2, 2009

Chores List Part 2 Of 4 - Weekly

Continued from Daily Chores List Part 1 Of 4...

Weekly Chores List Part 2 Of 4

Mondays (Bathrooms)
  1. Clean the Bathrooms thoroughly, including the bath tubs, shower stall, sinks, toilets, etc.
Tuesdays (Sweep & Mop)
  1. Sweep all vinyl and wood floors
  2. Mop all vinyl and wood floors
Wednesdays (Vacuum)
  1. Empty and clean the Vacuum Cleaner
  2. Thoroughly Vacuum all of the carpeted areas
Thursdays (Garbage)
  1. Clean-out Refrigerator and Freezer of all old, out-dated beverages and food
  2. Gather all Trash inside and outside of the house
  3. Take out Trash to the curb
Fridays (Kitchen)
  1. Clean Kitchen thoroughly, including inside of the Microwave and the Oven
  2. Pick-up a few needed Groceries at the Grocery Store
Saturdays (Seasonal)
  1. Clean the Basement and Carport during the cold months (October - March)
  2. Mow and weedeat yard, and clean the porches during the warm months (April - September)
  3. Clean and wash vehicles
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