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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shopping List Part 1 Of 4

I've created a huge shopping list that includes a lot of healthy foods on the menu, especially for people like me who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and diabetes. Before going shopping, I highly recommend either donating, eating, or throwing away anything unhealthy you currently have in your house so you won't be tempted to eat it while attempting a healthier diet! Also, don't stray away from this list unless it's healthy for you (no sweets)!!! I used Microsoft Excel to make this shopping list, but you can copy and paste this list into any application you like to use. Since the list is so huge, I'll break this list down into a few parts...

Shopping List Part 1 Of 4

Canned/Packaged Foods
  • Fish, Sardines (light in water)
  • Fish, Tuna (light in water)
  • Fruit, Applesauce (low carb)
  • Fruit, Cocktail/Mixed (light syrup)
  • Fruit, Oranges (light syrup)
  • Fruit, Peaches (light syrup)
  • Fruit, Pineapple (light syrup)
  • Jell-O, Sugar-Free Instant
  • Nuts, Cashews (low salt)
  • Nuts, Mixed (low salt)
  • Nuts, Sunflower Seeds (low salt)
  • Pickles, Bread & Butter/Dill (low salt)
  • Soup, Broccoli & Cheese (low salt)
  • Soup, Cream of Chicken (low salt)
  • Soup, Cream of Mushroom (low salt)
  • Vegetable, Mushrooms (low salt)
  • Vegetable, Tomatoes (crushed/dice/low salt)
  • Vegetable, Olives (black/green/low salt)
Baking/Cooking Items
  • Bags, Sandwich/Zip-Lock
  • Broth (low salt)
  • Bouillon Cubes (low salt)
  • Cooking Oil, Canola
  • Cooking Spray, Canola
  • Wrap, Aluminum Tin Foil
  • Wrap, Plastic
  • Coffee
  • Drink Mixes, Sugar-Free Fruit
  • Juice, Apple (100%/low carb)
  • Juice, Lemon/Lime
  • Juice, Orange (100%/low carb)
  • Soda, Diet (2 liter bottles)
  • Tea, Family/Large-Sized Bags
  • Water, Bottled
  • Coffee Creamer/Half-&-Half
  • Condiment, Ketchup (low carb/salt)
  • Condiment, Mayonnaise
  • Condiment, Mustard (brown)
  • Dressing, Ranch Salad (low salt)
  • Powder, Garlic (not salt)
  • Powder, Onion (not salt)
  • Sauce, Cocktail (low salt)
  • Sauce, Light Barbecue (or low salt)
  • Sauce, Picante/Salsa (low salt)
  • Sauce, Steak (A1)
  • Sauce, Tarter
  • Seasoning Mix, Gravy
  • Seasoning Mix, Taco
  • Seasoning, Cinnamon
  • Seasoning, No Salt Added
  • Seasoning, Pepper (black ground)
  • Seasoning, Salt (Sea)
  • Spread, Honey
  • Spread, Jam/Jelly (no sugar added)
  • Spread, Peanut Butter (low salt)
  • Sweetener, Aspartame (packets)
  • Sweetener, Sugar (imitation/Splenda)
Breads & Cereals
  • Bagels, Whole Wheat
  • Bread, Whole Wheat Sandwich (sliced)
  • Buns, Whole Wheat Hamburger
  • Cereal, Bran/Grain/Wheat
  • Cereal, Oatmeal (low carb)
  • Pie Crust Shell
  • Tortillas, Whole Wheat
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