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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shopping List Ideas & Recipes

Shopping List Ideas And Recipes

Now that we have a Shopping List, what all can you make from it? Well, quite a bit, using your imagination. Here's a few ideas:
  1. Tortillas (Wheat Tortillas, Lean Ground Beef, Sour Cream, Picante/Salsa Sauce, Canned Tomatoes (crushed/diced)
  2. Veggies + Butter + Cheese (less healthy, but definitely a tastier way to eat many vegetables)
Diabetic's Delight (low carb)
Mix the ingredients below with a mixer in a mixing bowl:
  1. 8 oz Cream Cheese
  2. 8 oz Sour Cream
  3. 8 oz Whipped Cream
  4. 1 cup of imitation sugar (such as Splenda in a bag, but not the packets!)
Once the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, pour the pie filling into a graham cracker pie crust shell and refrigerate overnight. Very tasty, and fewer carbs versus most other desserts!!!
You can also create a strawberry shortbread version of this dessert by using strawberry-flavored cream cheese and strawberry-flavored whipped cream instead of regular, and using a shortbread pie crust instead of a graham cracker pie crust. Also very tasty for you strawberry lovers!!!

Healthiest Diet
Wanna know what is probably the healthiest diet anyone could ever do, and is probably one of the simplest? Very easy:
  1. Fresh, Raw Fruits (any and all, but a large variety of fruit is very important here!)
  2. Fresh, Raw Vegetables (a lot of green vegetables, but more the merrier!)
  3. Unsalted Nuts and Seeds (variety isn't as important as trying to stay away from canned or processed nuts and seeds!)
  4. Fresh, Baked/Grilled Fish (not battered or no breading!!!)
  5. 100% All-Natural Juices and Mineral/Distilled/Purified Water (drinking beverages with every meal and snack)
...And that's it, simple as that. Anything and everything else you should avoid, especially processed beverages and foods. When you look at the ingredients list on the packaging, always think "less is more". The fewer additives it has (especially food coloring and preservatives), the better. Try to stay away from all dairy, meats, and seafood; except fresh fish (remember, not battered or no breading). Here's a sample Daily Menu:

Breakfast and Two Snacks (between meals):
  1. Fresh, Raw Fruit (apples, bananas, berries, melons, oranges, seedless grapes, grapefruit, etc.) or a Fruit Cocktail you made (not canned)
  2. Nuts and/or Seeds (almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, walnuts, etc.)
  3. 100% All-Natural Fruit Juice (apple, orange, etc.) or Mineral/Distilled/Purified Water (as your beverage)
Lunch and Dinner:
  1. Salad (using only Olive Oil and Vinegar as a Salad Dressing, and try to substitute Lettuce for Spinach, instead)
  2. Baked/Grilled Fish (flavoring the Baked/Grilled Fish only with Vinegar)
  3. Mineral/Distilled/Purified Water (as your beverage)
During the course of each day, try to drink a total of 1 (one) gallon of mineral, distilled, or purified water every day.
I know that many people reading this may think, "How do you get your nutrients if you don't eat such-and-such?" That's simple. We get all of the needed nutrients from what I've listed above as long as you eat a large variety of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, along with nuts, seeds, and fresh fish. In fact, most of us eat so much junk, that we'd probably get a lot more nutrients through this diet compared to what most of us currently eat! I know I would.
If anyone could actually stick with this diet, even for just a few months, I could just about guarantee your doctor would be absolutely thrilled on your next visit. If anyone does actually attempt this diet, even if it's only for a week, please post your comments here and let us all know how it went!!!

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