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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Runescape Botting

Runescape Botting

I remember when I first started playing Runescape many years ago, I would get tired of all of the mindless hours of grinding you'd have to do just to earn skill experience and/or make some game money.  Once I had learned about botting, now I don't have to sit at my computer the entire time, wasting hours of my life away so I can do other things (such as going to school, work, sleep, and spending time with my family) while the bot grinds for me.  If you are interested in botting, I must first throw out this disclaimer...

"AUTOING" (BOTTING) IN RUNESCAPE IS AGAINST JAGEX'S RULES, AND YOU CAN GET PERMINENTLY IP BANNED FROM PLAYING!!!  I CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF YOU GET CAUGHT!!!  In other words, you don't want to get caught running a bot in Runescape!  Jagex has gone to great lengths to prevent people from running bots.  Between randoms, having mods patrolling every world, and observing everything being said and done, even in private messages, you take great risks botting.  If that doesn't scare you away, then please continue reading...

There's at least two mistakes people make botting.  The first mistake is botting for days on end.  Jagex is gonna think something's strange if someone has been playing Runescape for 30 hours straight.  I haven't met anyone who can, not saying that no one can, but who would want to?!  The second mistake is running bots that don't have any "anti-bans" or fail-safes, meaning that they do the exact same replicated clicks and movements without any random variations.  Once again, I don't know anyone who can click on the exact same spots with the exact same mouse movement and speed for hours on end, and Jagex watches for this stuff.  So, if you're worried about getting caught, don't run a bot for more than about 8 hours per day, and make sure it makes random clicks and movements.
There are two free bots you can download and use, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.  The first bot that has been around the longest is RSBot that can be downloaded from http://www.powerbot.org/.  The second bot is called RSBuddy, and can be downloaded from http://rsbuddy.com/.  I'll explain the differences below...
  • Been around the longest.
  • Has more bot scripts to select from.
  • Can view bot scripts for account stealing code before running.
  • Easily create and edit scripts if you learn Java.
  • Initial setup isn't easy, especially if you're running x64-bit Windows, and you have to make a lot of adjustments and tweaks just to get the bot or scripts to work.
  • You have to compile bot scripts before you can use them.
  • Most of the bot scripts aren't extremely detailed or professional.
  • Website is down a lot (some say Jagex and/or RSBuddy DoS attacks  their server).
RSBuddy at http://rsbuddy.com/
  • Very easy to use.
  • You don't have to compile bot scripts.  Just simply click to add and they're ready to run!
  • Although it has fewer bot scripts to select from, the bot scripts it does have are far more advanced
  • Has a very "shady" history.
  • Can't view the original source code before running script, so you're unsure if it will steal your Runescape account login/bank pin.
Which one should you use?  I use them both, depending upon the script I'm wanting to run.

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