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Friday, October 10, 2008

Decrease The Central Government

I often listen to a local radio show in Charlotte, NC called the "Matt & Ramona Show" on 107.9 FM, and Pete Kaliner, a fellow Libertarian, does the news every day and voices his opinion. Today, he briefly talked about a friend of his, who's parents were strong liberal Democrats but he, himself, is more of a moderate Democrat, was unhappily voting for Obama due to his past "radical" friendships and wanted to know if Pete had heard of any negative publicity against McCain/Palin's histories. Pete replied to him that he has the choice between a socialist and a communist, and they both want to fix everything with government interventions, but debate who's got "one-up on the other". I just thought this was somewhat commical, but unfortunately, quite true. Our central government has the most control it's ever have, especially after the Patriot Act was voted in. I've yet heard little or no mention of decreasing the size and involvement of our central government, which solves many issues. First of all, our forefathers revolted against the tyranny of a strong central government, and wrote a Constitution that gives more power to the states and local governments than the central government. For more details about our Constitution, please refer to:


Secondly, less central government involvement means more freedom for all of us. Lastly, smaller central government lowers EVERYONE'S taxes. These people are paid somehow, and usually through our taxes.

Before arguing who would make a better president for whatever reasons, I think the most important question is how would a president better serve his country, giving us more freedoms with less government interventions. Our president, congress, and all other government offices should be viewed as servants, and not as stereotypical politicians. All we really need from our central government is a military to protect it's people from foreign attacks, and everything else should be handled at the state and local government level. And that's it.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." - Thomas Jefferson

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