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Monday, December 5, 2011


Ultimate Ubuntu

There are about as many Linux distros (distributions) as free software programs for Linux.  I personally prefer Ubuntu because it’s so customizable and updated frequently.  But there are many different flavors of Ubuntu, so I created this script (batch) file to automatically download and install many different desktops and common/popular software programs for both new and seasoned Ubuntu users to learn and try much of what Ubuntu has to offer.  It’s intended to run on a central, main desktop computer than can be used as a powerful gaming/multimedia center.  Installation may take at least a few hours, depending upon your computer and Internet speed!  Most of the installation is fully automated, but some software programs may require user input before proceeding.  Please watch installation occasionally.  Download the script file at http://webpages.charter.net/drkstlkr/Ultibuntu.sh

I'll include instructions of how to make this script file executable soon!

At least 20GB of free HDD (hard drive) space on Ubuntu partition(s)
Broadband (high speed) Internet connection

Dual-core CPU (processor) or better
2GB of system memory (RAM) or better
Non-integrated video card (ATI or NVIDIA)
Ubuntu installed on its own HDD (hard disk drive) partition(s)

Current List Of Ubuntu Additions:
Google, Medibuntu, and Mozilla Repositories
DKMS and Build Essentials

Desktops and Restricted Extras:
Ubuntu, including Gnome, Gnome Themes, and Restricted Extras
Edubuntu, including Edubuntu for KDE
Kubuntu, including KDE and Restricted Extras
Lubuntu, including LXDE and Restricted Extras
Mythbuntu and MythTV Documentation
Ubuntu Studio, including Studio Controls
Xubuntu, including XFCE4 and Restricted Extras

Compatibility and Emulators:
Wine, including add-ons
Samba, including System Configuration
ScummVM, including games

Software Programs and Add-Ons:
7zip, including add-ons and other compression tools
Adobe Acrobat Reader and Flash plug-ins
Chromium Browser, including codecs and plug-ins
Compiz Config Settings Manager, including plug-ins
Diagram Editor
E17 (Enlightenment)
Firefox, including extensions
Gimp, including add-ons
Gnome Tweak Tool
GParted, including add-ons
Kino, including add-ons
LibreOffice, including add-ons
Mail Notification, including add-ons
MPlayer, SMPlayer, and other add-ons
NeverBall and NeverPutt
Nexuiz, including add-ons
Not-Free Codecs
OpenJDK 7
OpenTTD, including add-ons
Periodic Table
Planner (Project Management)
Plymouth Themes
PowerPoint Viewer
Scribus, including additional templates
Scorched 3D
Start-Up Manager (will be replaced with Grub Customizer when available)
Storage Device Manager
SuperTux and SuperTuxKart
Synaptic, including add-ons
Thunderbird, including extensions
VLC, including plug-ins
Warzone 2100

Download Link:

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