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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms

This isn't a Beginner's or Newbie's Guide, but stuff I wish I knew before I started playing.  I've never played any of the previous Stronghold games before, and even though there are a couple of good game resources on the internet, unfortunately, I didn't understand enough before I started playing.

If you are impatient, Stronghold Kingdoms isn't the game for you.  It's a lot of “hurry up and wait”, and only gets worse as you progress.  It's a great game for the casual gamer, one who likes to play a game for several minutes a day.  It moves very quickly in the beginning, but gradually slows down.  I encourage for you to read through the game's Official Stronghold Kingdoms Wiki and Stronghold Kingdoms Advanced Guide - Beginner's Guide - The Honour Route
Continue reading this after you finished the game's tutorial.

When you first start playing, you only have three days before your free Premium Token runs out, and so anticipate you'll spend the first three days playing the game a lot.  The biggest advantage of the Premium Token is you can build and research up to five items at a time versus only one at a time.  The ability of moving any building around (except your Village Hall) is also a nice bonus for new players who's still learning and experimenting.  Take advantage of the 3-Day Premium Token when you first start playing!

Research Points

Although most game guides emphasize how important building and researching Arts, Decoration, and Literature, I don't think these websites stress how important these buildings and research really are.  To me, the most important aspect of the game is research, and in order to gain Research Points, you must upgrade your rank (level up).  And you only get three Research Points every time you upgrade your rank, so you have to spend them very wisely!  Research Arts, Decoration, and Literature at every possible chance, and keep these maxed at all times!  This will greatly increase the Honour Points you get every day (think of Honour Points like Experience Points), thus you'll be able to upgrade your rank much more quickly.  Building both Decorative and Entertainment buildings near your Village Hall helps increase this (discussed below).

One thing that I did do right was max Tools, to reduce building cost.  The more you build, the more expensive everything gets!  So try to max out Tools as quickly in the beginning of the game!

Next, try to maximize both Forestry and Stone Quarrying.  The bigger your Stronghold gets, the more buildings cost to build, and will require more of these two resources.

Research Plough as quickly to 4th level as quickly as possible, so you have access to Hops Farming, Wheat Production, and Vegetable Cropping.  Your game peeps enjoy having access to a wide variety of food, and more food sources increases the Honour Points you receive per day!

You'll want to start researching most of your food.  If you wish to sell and make lots of money, I recommend dumping most of your Research Points into whatever items sells for most at your local Stock Exchange.  For example, if 500 Vegetables sells for more than anything else, then I would dump most of your Research Points into Vegetable Cropping first, and then possibly Wheat Production if it sells for second most.

Lastly, in the first few days of game play, you'll want to spend...

At least two Research Points into Scouts, one Research Point into Foraging, and one Research Point into Horsemanship.  Being able to Forage quickly helps offset times of when you're low on food, wood, or stone.  Foraging a Research Stash (a bag with a question mark) also gives additional Honour Points, and whoever (player) get to it first gets these extra Honour Points!

You'll also want to spend two Research Points on Mathematics, one Research Point on Merchants Guilds so you can sell excess food and resources.  Anytime you have a spare Resource Point to give, spend it in Mathematics.

Spend two Research Points on Engineering, one Research Point on Stockpile Capacity, and one Research Point on Grainery Capacity.  You'll want to spend points into these later as your village grows and need more room to store food and resources.


Placing your buildings to maximize productivity is everything in this game!  During the first three days of the Premium Token, spend it wisely experimenting.  The only building you can't move is the Village Hall.

If I had to choose what are the most important building types in the game, it would have to be Decorative, followed by Entertainment, since they directly influence your Honour Points.  Build as many of these types as quickly as possible!  You'll want to place your Decorative buildings as close to the Village Hall as possible, followed by Entertainment.

At first, you'll want to start off with at least five Woodcutter's Huts, five Stone Quarries, and five Hovels.  You'll also want one of each of these: Apple Orchard, Dairy Farm,  Inn, Brewery,  Bakery, and Vegetable Farm.  You'll want to try to triple the amounts of these buildings as quickly as possible, except for the Inn and the Market (you'll only need one of each).  Build the Woodcutter's Huts and Stone Querries as far away from their respective resources as possible, but as near to the stock pile as possible.  Move the stockpile around to get the most wood and stone per day, and according to what resource you need the most.  Move it back somewhere in the middle

Once you have built three farms of each type and have at least four Research Points in the corresponding food types, you'll be able to double your food and ale rations, thus increasing your earned Honour Points.


Since people can start attacking you after you've been playing for about a week, making friends and powerful allies can be the difference between being attacked and not being attacked.  Become allies/friends with anyone and everyone around you.

YouTube Tutorials

Shkdru has done several Stronghold Kingdom tutorials, including Stronghold Kingdoms Tutorial - Beginners Walk-Through

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